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Excursion tips


Droga pod Reglami ( "Under the Forest Walk" ) is an easy and relaxing unmarked, walking path at the ground altitude of bout 900 - 940 m. We recommend you to begin your walkat the Great Ski Jump ( access from ul. B. Czecha or J. Pilsudskiego ) and end it atthe entrance to the Strazyska Valley. The walk is about 1,5 - 2 hours long.


Gubalowka ( altitude 1,120m ) is one of the most popular goals for excursions. From its top one can see a beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains. Nearby located skiing areas are in the Summer time a very good place to soak up the sun. You can reach Gubalowka by the Funicular Failway that was built in 1938 for the World Skiing Championship FIS. The lower station is at the end of the Krupowki Street, the main street of Zakopane


Giewont ( altitude 1,895m ) is one of the most famous Polish mountains. Very often hikers begin their longer journays from reaching its top. To reach Giewont by foot takes around 3,5 hours, and to return to Zakopane, around three hours. You departure at Koscieliska Street following white-red-white marks and go to Giewont through the very pictresque Strazyska Vally. You may also go there from Kuznice following white-blue-white mark sand passing by mountain hotels at Kalatowki and Kondrstowa Valley.


During the high season Kasprowy Wierch ( altitude 1,987m ) is visited by few thousands tourists per day. The most popular is the peak in the Winter. You will findthere a view platform, a restaurant and meteorological observatory. You can reach Kasprowy by the cable-car which goes from Kuznice. The car travels a distance of 4,3 km. You can also go there by foot, by following the white-green-white marked path from Kuznice. The hike is about 2,5 hours long ( in Summer, one way ).


Since a long time ago Zakopane has been a magnet for writers, artist painters, actors, sientists and politicians. Some of them would only "drop by", some would settle here for longer and produce here their works. Therefore, we recommend you to visit those places which have been commemorated by the presence and work of the most famous inhabitants and guests of Zakopane.

We begin our tour at Giewont Hotel, in the Town Centre. Then we along the streets: Krupowki, Zamoyskiego, Blv. Slowackiego, Broniewskiego, Droga na Antalowke, Droga na Bystre. We come to the Roundabout and reach the Great Ski Jump. Passing through the Bialego Valley, Grunwaldzka St. and Plac Niepodlegosci, we return to Krupowki St., and this is our four hour walk.

On our tour we see among other things: the house Morskie Oko ( Krupowki Street, where there was a theatre stage. In this place would once act very famous Polish actors, Mme. Modrzejewska, Mme. Solska and Mr Zelwerowicz, and play music outstanding musicians and composers, Karol Szymanowski and Arthur Rubinstein.

Also, you will the Holiday House Sienkiewiczowka in which from 1891 to 1896 lived a Nobel Prize Winner writer Henryk Sienkiewicz, who earned a world-wide fame forhis novel "Quo Vadis"

Also, there are:

The Monument to dr. Tytus Chalubinski - the one who discovered Zakopane.
The Monument was designed by Stanislaw Witkiewicz.
Villa Witkiewiczowka is an example of the "Zakopane Style" in the architectual design. In the willa lived famous painter, art critic, drama writer and philosopher Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz ( Witkacy ) Vila Wichura. In the Villa lived painter Tadeusz Brzozowski. Today there is an art gallery.
Pod Jedlami House is another example of the "Zakopane Style". In the house there isnow a worth seeing collection of 65 eastern carpets and other pieces of art.
Near the Great Ski Jump, designed by Karol Stryjenski and built in 1923-25, there is a house where lived from 1955 to 1970 poet Jan Sztautynger.
Villa Opolanka is memory house to writer Kornel Makuszynski.

Bronislaw Czech House (Plac Niepodleglosci) is memory house dedicated to Bronislaw Czech, skier who was murdered in Auschwitz. There is also a workshop for painting on glass run by his sisters.

We also recommend excursions to beautiful, natural Valleys near Zakopane: Koscieliska, Strazyska and Chocholowska. You can go there by a local bus.

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