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Hiking equipment

Hiking trips in the upper parts of the Tatra Mountains require strong colthing. At the same time, you clothing must fit you well and protect you from wind and cold. The good shoes will have ancles and a wibram-type soil. Fashionable running or tennis shoes are very comfortable. However, they are not safe in high mountains and therefore not recommended.

The good hiking dress will include long trousers ( of trousers up to the knee ), long wool socks reaching to the knee, a sweat absorbing cotton or flannel shirt, two light sweaters- thicker and thinner (they are being recently replaced by garments made of new generation materials, such as "polar" ), and windproof, tight fastened jacket with hood.

Because of capricious weather changes, you need to take with you some extra warm and waterproof clothing. Do not carry any bags or cases . Instead, take a back-pack. You may actually like to have two back-packs: one larger, for longer trips and one smaller, for short excursions.

Please remember about other small items: sun glasses, pocket light, a cup or a bowl, and a small medicine box. Rope, ice-axe and crampons are the climbing equipment and are not necessary for a hiker. If you lack any of the mentioned above items, you will find them in well equipped shops in Zakopane. There are also rental places, mainly for equipment.

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